York Street Pump Station and River Crossing

Construction of a new York Street Pump Station in Springfield, a new river pipeline crossing under the Connecticut River, and connection to the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant on Bondi’s Island.

Client:  Springfield Water & Sewer Commission

Designer:  Kleinfelder, Stantec

Size:  62 MGD


Project Features

  • New, modern pump station facility
  • Bottom elevation of the pump station is 50 feet below existing grade
  • Slurry wall for pump station support of excavation
  • Microtunneling under the railroad tracks and flood wall
  • New intake structure at Bondi’s Island
  • Three new 1,100-foot pipelines under the Connecticut River (two 42” force mains and one 72” siphon)
  • Supports of Excavation at the river banks
  • Dredging across the Connecticut River
  • Restoration of river bottom and banks
  • Increased flood control protection
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