Yale University – Davenport College

This extensive and complex renovation project of a historic student residence was completed within an extremely short time frame. 

Client:   Yale University
Designer:  Kieran Timberlake
Size:  160,000 SF

Project Features

  • Pipe jacking method throughout the courtyards.
  • All new interior walls and finishes.
  • Incorporation of life safety and accessibility components.
  • Relocation and upgrade of mechanical and electrical systems.
  • New roofing and windows.
  • New energy efficient features.
  • Varied window profiles at each elevation required a customized approach to window design and fabrication.
  • Two stories of bearing walls were removed to create auditorium space on the upper floor of Building G.
  • Entry to the central courtyards was limited by stone archways, resulting in use of a 350-ton crane to lift all material and equipment over the buildings to access the job site.
  • Completed in 14 months.

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