Cobble Mountain Surge Tank Replacement

This project involved the replacement of steel hydropower surge tank at the Cobble Mountain Powerhouse in Granville, MA.

Client:   Springfield Water & Sewer Commission
Designer:  CDM Smith
Size:  207 FT tall surge tank

Project Features

  • Demolition of the existing 207’ tall, 25’ diameter steel standpipe, taken down in sections.
  • New 207’ tall replacement surge tank.
  • All metals were sorted and recycled as were all masonry materials.
  • All materials were tested prior to reclaiming.
  • Remediation of lead contaminated soils.
  • Excavation required to add concrete under the existing cast-in-place concrete Trifurcation Slab.
  • Drilling and grouting fourteen 25’ long anchor bolts into the existing 80 year old foundation.
  • Completed 2 months early.
  • ACEC/MA Engineering Excellence Awards – Grand Conceptor Award 2001

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