Construction Engineeringbuild-america-award

DOC engineering staff often conducts their own technical analyses of various site and infrastructure conditions that impact construction operations. We also design temporary structures required for construction operations. These analyses will address issues such as ground water, sheeting, foundations, temporary utilities, access, temporary retention and structures. Because we know more about specific local conditions than do most, we will apply that knowledge to benefit the project.

Value Engineering

“Value engineering” is a misunderstood phrase in design and construction. Many people understand value engineering as a process that invites construction managers to thoughtlessly “chop” scope and good architecture out of projects as a way to demonstrate their own toughness in controlling costs.

To DOC, “alternative analyses” is much more than that. It is simply a way to bring more resources to the design table — relying upon DOC and selected trade contractors to offer input on project components where we have specialized expertise. With our technical knowledge, DOC will generate ideas for cost savings and efficiencies, and offer “alternate way” suggestions. We use the following systematic methods:

  • Recommend changes to building, equipment, materials, and scope that do not compromise the facility programming, or its architectural vision.
  • Identify changes to project scheduling and sequencing which may generate cost savings.
  • Develop the most efficient construction methods.
  • Propose changes that might enhance constructability or quality.
  • Solicit input and recommendations from trade suppliers and contractors.