Building Information Modeling

Daniel O’Connell’s Sons has been utilizing 3-D and other sophisticated modeling techniques for the past ten years. We are a “company of engineers” and this is the type of cutting edge technology we employ on most of our work. We have a Chief Engineer, something that most construction companies do not have and he is the driving force behind cutting edge technological advances.


Using three-dimensional intelligent design information, commonly referred to as BIM, DOC constructs projects “virtually” before building them in the field. This effort guarantees collaboration with the design team and a coordinated set of bid documents. There are significant advantages to a technology that streamlines the management process and positively impacts the bottom line.


Interdisciplinary Coordination

Sequence Planning, Better Understanding, Up-to-Date Models


Interference Detection

Alleviate Clashes, RFI Resolutions, 4D Scheduling, stay on schedule


Cost and Benefits

Why the DOC Advantage means Proven Results


BIM Videos

View our BIM Videos – Coordination and 4D Scheduling