MIT – Various Infrastructure Upgrades

DOC was on call over the course of one year to service MIT campus-wide by improving infrastructure in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Major components of the work done for the institute include the modernization of several sections of steam and water piping.

Client:   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Designer:  Vaughn Crayton

Project Features

  • Located and resolved condensate leakage outside of Kresge Auditorium and at various other sites.
  • Reformed gate valves, a sinkhole, and replace several sections of steam, condensate and water main piping.
  • 18 foot excavation at the rear of the Cyclotron Building to expose the steam and condensate lines.
  • 20 feet of steam and condensate piping removed and replaced.
  • Re-worked piping and supports.
  • New concrete floor in the manhole.
  • Slide-rail trench support systems within the steam line trenches.
  • Emergency fire protection line repairs.
  • Drainage manhole removal and replacement.
  • Catch basin repairs.
  • Parking lot reconstruction.


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