Mansfield-Foxboro-Norton Regional WPCF Upgrades

Major process upgrade to the Mansfield-Foxboro-Norton Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant to treat all existing and future flow at more stringent nutrient limits.

Client:   MFN Wastewater Regional District
Designer:  CDM Smith
Capacity:  4.14 MGD

Project Features

  • Four-stage Bardenpho process upgrade.
  • New anoxic tanks and modifications to existing aeration basins.
  • New aeration blower system.
  • New secondary clarifier with activated sludge pumping station.
  • New supplemental carbon storage and feed system.
  • Replacement of four influent wastewater pumps.
  • New primary clariflocculator and primary sludge pumping station.
  • Replacement of the existing RAS pumps and WAS pumps.
  • Retrofit of the existing gravity sand filter with a second AquaDiamond┬« traveling bridge cloth media filter.
  • New chlorine contact tank.
  • Replacement of the plant water system and all chemical feed systems.
  • New laboratory and administrative facilities.
  • Increased plant capacity by 1 MGD.

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