MDC Hartford Aeration & Final Settling Tanks

The project involved construction of two new aeration tanks and two new final settling tanks at the Water Pollution Control Facility in Hartford, CT.

Client:   MDC Hartford
Designer:  Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.
Capacity:  50 MGD

Project Features

  • Two new 90’ x 200’ concrete Aeration Tanks.
  • Two new 125’ diameter concrete Final Settling Tanks.
  • Heavy sitework and concrete
  • Earth retention and pile driving.
  • Vibration and movement monitoring and control.
  • Sheeting driven just feet away from a 40-yr-old 84” concrete pipe carrying final effluent water from the Final Settling Tanks.
  • New sluice and knife gates.
  • Sludge collection equipment.
  • New process piping in the gallery to tie into the existing processes.
  • New Variable Frequency Drives and Motor Control Centers for existing RAS.

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