Weston Covered Storage Tanks

Construction of a 20 million-gallon covered drinking water storage facility to provide higher and more stable water pressures to a large service area in the metropolitan Boston vicinity. This project encompassed a small portion of the rebuilding of the century-old Hultman Aqueduct.

Client:   MWRA
Designer:  Sverdrup Civil, Inc.
Size:  20 Million Gallons

Project Features

  • Two concrete water storage tanks holding 8 and 12 million gallons.
  • Tanks buried below ground, landscaped and covered with meadow grass.
  • Extensive blasting and excavation.
  • Replacement of a portion of the existing aqueduct leading up to the gatehouse.
  • Series of underground piping and concrete valve chambers.
  • Installation of 120″, 84” and 60’ diameter piping.
  • Cleaning and cement lining of the existing 60″ WASM pipe.
  • 25,000 CY of concrete poured overall.
  • J/V with Barletta Construction.

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