Kennebec Summit Natural Gas Pipeline

This expansion of Maine’s Natural Gas distribution network included over 80 miles of new pipeline and nine regulator stations, which brings alternative heating fuel to 15,000 homes and businesses in the Kennebec River Valley. DOC was originally contracted by Summit Natural Gas of Maine to install a length of 8-inch mainline, and to manage and support two horizontal directional drilling sites. An expedited construction schedule called for around-the-clock work that averaged 890 feet of mainline installed per day. DOC acquired the remaining work on the expansion project through a second contract with Summit, and began by upgrading 34 fittings on the previously installed 10″ pipeline. This contract also included five horizontal directional drills consisting of river and railroad crossings, jacking of a 36″ casing under a rail crossing, as well as installing nine mainline valves. DOC has installed over seven miles of mainline to date and the 68 miles of previously installed pipeline has been pigged, pressure tested, and dried.


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