WPI – Gateway Park Phase II

Gateway Park is a 12 acre, mixed-use destination for life sciences and biotech companies. Built and owned by O’Connell subsidiary, O’Connell Development Group, DOC served as construction manager on the Phase II building project.  

Client:   Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Designer:  Perkins + Will, Inc.
Size:  92,000 SF

  • Located on a former brownfield site.
  • Building provides flex space to allow for changing priorities and to assist industry in a timely manner.
  • Houses such tenants as the Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center, the Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives, the Fire Protection Engineering department at WPI and the WPI School of Business.
  • Engineering laboratory is more than 2,000 SF of flexible space with a 30’ high ceiling.
  • The Fundamentals Laboratory includes bench-scale capabilities designed to provide high-quality data free of interference from noise, vibrations, and environmental factors.
  • LEED Certified
  • Groundreaking Photos

This email received by one of our employees serves as a wonderful reminder that our projects are not just buildings, but serve to transform their environment and the people in it:

“Every Thursday I spend my day with Harriet, my almost 4-yr-old granddaughter…As part of our routine – something she asks for – we drive over to Gateway and watch the construction. I can’t remember how it started – if we came upon it or if I showed it to her – but it is absolutely one of our deep pleasures together. We watched the dirt being moved, we watched the hole in the ground being made, we watched the footings being laid, and now we are watching the steel being placed one after the other. We have read the signs about hardhats and talked about coffee and lunch breaks. We watch backhoes, cranes, shovels, and bobcats.We see the workers reading the drawings. We look at the rendering of what the finished building will look like and see how close it is to what we are seeing. It is nothing short of wonderful. To see her face light up is priceless.”

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