Charles River Medway WWTP Phase C Upgrades

This project completed CRPCD’s Capital Improvements Plan with Phase C focused on improving phosphorus removal and the disinfection system.

Client:   Charles River Pollution Control District
Designer:  Kleinfelder SEA
Size:  5.7 MGD

Project Features

  • Improvements to phosphorus removal capabilities.
  • Replacement of the disinfection system.
  • New instrumentation and control systems.
  • New mechanical processing equipment.
  • Modification of structures throughout the plant and bypass pumping.
  • Underground power distribution and large sewer piping.
  • Deep excavations to tie in large diameter yard piping.
  • 12-hour shutdown of D-Box 4 allowed for cleaning sludge/debris out of 6 distribution boxes and installation of two 48” diameter SS plates over ends of pipes at D-Box 4 to be permanently abandoned.

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