Amherst College – Williston Hall

As one of the first components of the Amherst College’s Residential Master Plan, the conversion of Williston Hall turned this existing classroom/office building into a modern residence hall. 

Client:   Amherst College
Designer:  Sacco + McKinney
Size:  10,000 SF

Project Features

  • Complete interior demolition, leaving only the brick shell.
  • Removal of existing roof, roof trusses and existing floors.
  • Shoring of existing exterior masonry walls.
  • New structural steel frame inside the existing masonry walls.
  • Casting of concrete on the new structural steel floor slabs.
  • Repointing of existing masonry with variously-sized mortar joints.
  • The original handmade bricks, which became narrower as the building rose, required
  • Saw cutting of the new bricks on site to match the original handmade bricks which became narrower as the building rose.
  • Existing lime putty and prior repairs in cement mortar removed to a depth of 1” from the face of the brick.
  • New lime putty manufactured by US Heritage Group from Chicago using special sand formulated to match the interior color of the existing mortar.

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