Amherst College – Earth Sciences and Museum of Natural History

Construction of a new brick, stone, and terracotta building to serve as a Museum and classroom space for Amherst College’s Geology Department.

Client:   Amherst College
Designer:  Payette Associates
Size:  55,000 SF

Project Features

  • Curtainwall system included custom terracotta baguettes.
  • Terracotta baguettes manufactured in Germany with custom coloring and dye process.
  • Complex Lutron dimming systems and Mecho shades in display areas.
  • 17 major dry laboratories with infrastructure to safely vent air fumes and dispose of chemical waste.
  • Separate air supply and exhaust system for each hood.
  • Interior showcases the skeleton displays of mammoth, mastodon, and Irish elk specimens.
  • Four 10×30-ft fire doors installed in concealed locations.
  • Nearly 10,000 dinosaur footprints, some on sandstone slabs measuring 9-ft high and weighing nearly 1,000 lbs, were disassembled, shipped to Canada for refurbishing, and reassembled on site.
  • Relocation of a main campus access road.
  • New vaults for steam and electrical and relocation around the building site.

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