Current Projects

Brightwood/Lincoln Elementary School

Construction of a new elementary school building built on a 10.2-acre open field on Plainfield Street, adjacent to Chestnut Accelerated Middle School in Springfield, MA. Client:    City of Springfield Designer:    DiNisco Design Partership Size:    150,500 SF   Project Features Consolidation of two existing schools to accommodate 800 students from Pre-K to grade… View Article

East Brookfield Courthouse Renovations

Renovations to the East Brookfield Courthouse building and site modifications. Client:    Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM) Designer:    Habeeb & Associates   Project Features Roof replacement Louver and dormer additions to the roof Replacement of HVAC equipment in four mechanical rooms Generator removal and replacement Interior and exterior accessibility improvements Site… View Article

Grove Street Water Treatment Plant

Construction of a new water treatment plant to remove iron and manganese from the well water. Client:    Town of Franklin, MA Designer:    CDM Smith Size:    1.22 MGD   Project Features New 5,195 SF water treatment plant building Two pressure filtration vessels Cast-in-place concrete tanks Process equipment Modifications to Well Stations Nos. 3… View Article

Hamilton College – List Art Center Renovations

Renovations to List Art Center, a cast-in-place concrete building constructed in 1969. Client:    Hamilton College Designer:    Chiang O’Brien Architects Size:    34,900 SF   Project Features Extensive concrete repair and restoration New skylights and window replacements Spatial reconfigurations in the western half Additions at building entrances New sprinkler system Asbestos abatement Reroofing Site… View Article

Hudson Valley Regional Airport ARFF/SRE Building

Construction of a combined aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) and snow removal equipment (SRE) building. Client:    County of Duchess Dept. of Public Works Designer:    C&S Companies Size:    13,000 SF   Project Features Custom curved roof over the maintenance garage Exterior façade elements include masonry, storefront and three types of metal panels New… View Article

Miami-Dade North District WWTP Disinfection Facility Improvements

New Disinfection Facilities at the Miami North District Wastewater Treatment Plant to replace the existing sodium hypochlorite disinfection facilities. Client:    Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department Designer:    CDM Smith   Project Features Renovation and addition to the On-Site Chlorine Building Two (2) bulk storage tanks Metering pump equipment New Electrical Room

Natick Center Commuter Rail Station Accessibility Improvements

This project involves the total reconstruction of the MBTA Natick Center Commuter Rail Station. Client:    Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Designer:    AECOM   Project Features New high level platforms and canopies Raising of the inbound track Pedestrian Bridge Replacement Earth support systems Upgrades to drainage infrastructure Accessibility improvements including elevators, ramps and stairs Upgrades… View Article

Plainville WPCF Phosphorous Removal Upgrade

Upgrades to the existing Plainville Water Pollution Control Facility to meet phosphorus removal regulations. Client:    Town of Plainville, CT Designer:    Tighe & Bond Engineers Size:    2.6 MGD   Project Features New concrete and masonry Filter Building New disc filtration system New Rotary Drum Thickener Relocation of UV disinfection system Plumbing, HVAC, and… View Article

SFWMD S-333N Canal Gate Structure

Construction of a concrete gate structure built just north of the existing S-333 Structure to provide additional operational flexibility and conveyance of flows to Everglades National Park. Client:    South Florida Water Management District Designer:    Erdman Anthony Size:    1,150 cfs   Project Features New concrete two (2) gate spillway structure Canal excavation Levee… View Article

Springfield Pedestrian Railroad Underpass

Construction of a new North End Pedestrian Underpass beneath the Connecticut River Railroad between Plainfield Street and Birnie Avenue in Springfield, MA. Client:    MassDOT Designer:    HDR Architects & Engineers   Project Features Installation of the 52-foot long precast concrete tunnel structure under tracks Concrete retaining walls Paved multi-use path Security provisions include active… View Article

UCONN – Southwest Athletic District Development

Redevelopment of the existing athletic facilities for soccer, baseball, softball and track/field throwing at the southwest portion of the Storrs campus. Client:    University of Connecticut Designer:    Newman Architects   Project Features New 75,000 gsf Performance Center 4,000 seat turf soccer stadium 1,300 seat turf baseball stadium 500 seat turf softball stadium New throw… View Article

Uxbridge WWTP BNR Upgrades

Demolition, reconstruction, and upgrades to the Uxbridge Wastewater Treatment Facility to meet Biological Nutrient Removal goals. Client:    Town of Uxbridge, MA Designer:    GHD Inc. Size:    2.5 MGD   Project Features Enlargement of the three existing Aeration Basins New Aeration Basin No. 4 New Gravity Thickener No. 2 New Secondary Clarifier New Filtration… View Article

York Street Pump Station and River Crossing

Construction of a new York Street Pump Station in Springfield, a new river pipeline crossing under the Connecticut River, and connection to the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant on Bondi’s Island.    Springfield Water & Sewer Commission Designer:    Kleinschmidt, Stantec Size:    62 MGD   Project Features New, modern pump station facility Bottom elevation… View Article